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Phone Over Broadband

Crystal Clear Phone Calls Over Your Broadband.

Netphone Online

Netphone Online – Unlimited Calls to Landlines and Mobiles – Easy SIP Setup.  Netphone Online App is an easy way to setup your phone service with a real phone number.

Unlimited Phone calls to landlines and mobiles – Netphone App.

Internet Phone Service over your broadband is a way to connect your landline and mobile phone with Netphone.

Phone Over Broadband
Make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles
Voicemail to Email
Caller ID
Custom Voicemails

Crystal Clear Netphone Calls

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Tip of the day? What does SIP stand for? Session Initiated Protocol.

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communications protocol for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions in applications of Internet telephony for voice and video calls, in private IP telephone systems, as well as in instant messaging over Internet Protocol (IP) networks.  Definition from WikiPedia.

The reason SIP and UDP is used so VoIP Netphone gets a quick and fast responses with out the extra scrambled chatter on your voice network.  UDP just goes hey im here, let’s talk and does not expect a reply.

Although in the case of two way audio voip netphones since you are connected any way via connecting phone call with VoIP.  You get a instant reply at the end other, saying hello, hey im here too.  But, the VoIP Netphone protocol does not check to see if there is a connection in a technical sense.

The UDP VoIP protocol already assumes that you are connected but does not check.  This is why some VoIP Netphone voice networks have trouble with audio because unless the audio settings are 100% and match 100% then their are likely to be glitches like person “A” hearing you and person “B” not hearing you.

This usually comes down to poor configuration of your VoIP Netphone Networks or most installations of VoIP Netphone Networks we come across, no configuration at all and all the defaults are left as they were from when the router was configured or softphone.  Most people do not know about UDP ports and it is a connectionless network port.

You need to configure your network exactly as your VoIP network service requires.

9 times out of 10, your voice network will be OK but in the odd event that your VoIP network experiences one-way audio or no way audio then your network configuration is to blame for this problem but it can be easily fixed with the right expertise and knowledge.

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