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Cisco LinkSYS1200 Modems/routers have found to be the best of the best of modem/routers.  Whilst, other modems/router brands do exist and there is no problem in using different routers/modems for internet connectivity.

Cisco Linksys has been proven to be the best and most reliability because Cisco has been around for years and practically helped started to the internet overall so Cisco Systems know what it means to be part of the networking world.  A good and reliable internet connection with great behind the scenes networking equipment, you’ll find the netphone online app experience will just work and have no problem.

Unlimited Phone Calls to Landlines and Mobiles Worldwide.

We bring you the best of the best in online phone systems, crystal clear and net phone app.  You’ll have exceptional call quality to make the most of your phone system.  Unlimited Technical Support 24×7.  Crystal Clear Netphone Systems, join and signup now.

Get Net Phone you can trust and rely on with the best high quality phone systems in the world.   You will never go back to your traditional phone again once you have chosen Phone Online Australia, Netphone System.

You get so many different features to landlines and mobile phone calling options that make it possible to use net phone online app and solutions anywhere in the world and on any IP device that’s connected directly to the internet.

If you got a good quality internet like fibre optics or NBN connections anywhere, 4G or 5G then you will experience exceptional performance and quality.  new customers come to us to experience the best internet phone made available on the market with the most affordable net phone plans.  One of the best features is that we offer a full range of technical support 24×7 with services that get used daily throughout the world so that your net phone remains online.

nbn provider in australia we highly recommend Skybridge Domains NBN solutions from $140/month AUD + GST, BYO or bring your own modem.

Although, we highly recommend to purchase a new modem/router such as the LINKSYS1200AC or better to combat any old technologies you may encounter, if you have had problems with netphone voip solutions in the past then it has most likely been your modem/router or other infrastructure which has not been up to the task.  Get the latest technology with the router/modems.


netphone online app offers a internet phone service based on it’s platinum plan range from $32.50/month AUD + GST, you get all the bells and whistles of a traditional telecommunications solution, only it’s better, because it’s clearer, more reliable and more flexible.

You can make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles to and from any internet connected IP device.


Local and International Phone Calls to and from any phone Service Provider, it’s the new norm in 2018.

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Netphone Online App

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Get a great and crystal clear home or business phone that works perfect over broadband.  Your Pre-existing Broadband Internet Connection allows you to make and receive phone calls over our network.

Netphone Online App offers Yealink Grandstream, Cisco, ATAs, Softphone like Bria Mobile by Counterpath.

Got a mobile device like an Apple iPhone, iPad or Samsung Phone, Samsung Galaxy? Get connected to landlines and mobile phone numbers online with your smart device.

Netphone Online brings you the clearest Netphone Online calls available world wide, you can use any phone network whilst you are on 4G, WIFI or other service provider, netphone online allows you to work comfortably on any internet service provider (ISP).

Home Residential Home and Business Phones New Phone  umbers, Voicemail, Caller ID, The Clearest Net Phone On the Internet in 2018. Get started with the Netphone Online with Real Phone Number from $30/month AUD + GST / USD.

Best Netphone VoIP Provider in the World

Netphone Online believes using the best hardware with the best software including the best SIP Netphone Online VoIP Service, “Netphone Online”.

Join Netphone Online Now as we’re considered to be amongst the best in the World.  Netphone Online offers it’s VoIP Phone services to big companies like Forbes 500 listing, Forex Related Companies, NYSE Stock Exchange Listed Companies, ASX Listed Companies and many other globally renowned companies.

Netphone Online employs the best and most outstanding technical expertise, hardware and software in the background to keep your IP phone running 24x7x365.

If you have your IP Phone turned on and configured with Netphone Online then you’ll be able to make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles anywhere and on any internet connect device.

Netphone Online and the Netphone Online App offers complete security, efficient and reliability connectivity to end to end IP phones.  If you have had a bad experience with previous VoIP phone providers in the past then we’re different.

Netphone Online is a world-class Internet Phone Service Provider and can offer a myriad of technical features on your phone like no other and above all, the features, just work.

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Interested in Netphone Dedicated Servers? Check out the Fastest Dedicated Servers E5 Available.  Perfect for your web site, IAAS and SAAS.


Dedicated Server
Intel Xeon E5-2670 (16 HT cores @ 2.60 Ghz)
32 GB Memory
2 x 800 GB SSD drives (RAID 1 – mirrored)
2000 GB Bandwidth
1 IP Address
Supermicro IPMI (KVM) with virtual media
DDoS Protection & Mitigation

Operating System

Server Management
Self Managed + Monitoring
More information: Server Management Plans