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We will confirm your actual speeds after connection if that is the case. Around 50% of Fixed Wireless premises will achieve download speeds greater than 10Mbps during the evening peak period. Find out more about speeds on the nbn network with Netphone Online at phoneonline.com.au

Telstra Gateway Frontier® Modem. The Telstra Smart Modem™ brings together the power of Telstra’s home and mobile networks in one device. Get connected sooner when you plug in at home through our mobile network (using your home broadband allowance), whilst your home internet is being activated.

You can configure your net phone online account with Telstra Gateway Frontier.  Netphone “App” just clicks or taps right into it.

Get an NBN connection with Telstra and we’ll help you from arranging installation to making sure your home is connected to high-speed internet.
Unlike most net phone service providers, you have to stick with the service provider you are with.  Telstra VoIP works with Telstra NBN for example.  With Netphone Online, Netphone Online will work with Telstra NBN, Optus NBN, Activ8me NBN, Vodafone and any other carrier for that matter. 
Join Netphone Online and save on your next phone bill.  Make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles.

Netphone Online - Netphone Online - Make and receive phone calls to landlines and mobiles between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide with Netphone Online

What is the nbn™ network
It’s a telecommunications network being rolled out by nbn co, region-by-region using a mix of technology types. The nbn network will replace the current infrastructure and provide new voice and broadband services to people all over Australia.

When the nbn network arrives in your area, if you choose Telstra as your voice or broadband provider, we’ll help you organise the nbn network connection at your property.  

Netphone Online just works, all you have to do is quite literally plug and play your net phone solution, if you have ordered a new IP phone like the Gigaset IP Phone, Grandstream IP Phone, Bria Softphone App, Xlite Softphone App, Yealink IP phones. 

Netphone Online

Personally, we recommend the Gigaset and Grandstream IP phone range for robustness and completeness of your Net Phone Online Account. 

Either this or you can download the Bria App for your smart phone here with the Apple iPhone.