How do I get website traffic and social media online presence?

MCP David Gawler Skybridge Domains Phone OnlineThe short answer is build a list of clients with your social media presence and online media platforms across different channels worldwide.  That’s right, Worldwide.

You can no longer afford to be tucked away in the corner in a little shop front of home based business and expect grand things to happen, whilst they have the potential to create a buzz and you may have a presence in your local physical area for your business, that’s great, your one of the few that do.

The bottom line nowadays is that you simply cannot rely on one geographic location for your business.  No matter the type, size or geographic location, you can make great things happen globally, no matter who you are or what your business does.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Netphone Online, employs the best of the best SEO techniques to get real, genuine results for your web site.

Imagine that you own a cafe in a small town that’s been there successful for years and years.  In the past, people used to look you up in the local paper back yellow pages (which practically no longer exists).  Now, imagine, you need to tell people about your business times opening and closing hours, long weekend hours, holiday hours, what a great menu that you might have, including any updates.  You need a fancy and well programmed web site, that’s super-fast, reliable and secure. 100% no downtimes, because, now you can launch your business online, globally.  And with the apps like Uber Eats and other social media platforms, out there.  You’ll need to drive millions and millions of unique visitors to your web site as well, so your web site needs to be able to handle the millions of website traffic, this comes down to fast web hosting.  Yes, we do that too.

Back to your presence online.  We mention that you need to be on page one all the time, everywhere 24×7 globally and listed on every search engine, related and non-related web site with positive content writing and reviews about your business with 5-star ratings and reviews.   If you for example, you google search your business, (just for arguments sake), what comes up? anything?

If nothing comes up about your business then your in trouble and that’s we’re we come up in, we’ll get you listed on all the search engines and social media pages worldwide.  If for example, when you do a google search on your own business name and you get back a few search results then that’s great.  Your one step ahead of everyone else who does not have an online presence, if you got a few then this needs to be improved, vastly.

Your SEO and Social media presence plays a critical role in offering your clients a place to find you in person (offline) and online. Because people can just Google Search your company.

We’re the SEO Answer You’ve Been Looking For.

Netphone Online and Skybridge Domains has partnered with Phone Online to offer you the best techniques and real website traffic to your web site and help you get real enquiries.  You need hundreds of thousands of paid ads, SEO natural links, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube ads, paid and not paid ads.  You can’t do this by yourself, you need to employ a team of expertise and true expertise in their field.  Netphone Online Along with Skybridge Domains & has been in the SEO and online game for over 10+ years, since the early 2001.

We’ve mastered all aspects of SEO and online presence, we’re simply the best to choose from, when you are looking to buy an SEO solution, in the box.  While an in the box solution is great, you still need to choose an out of the box solution and everything in between.  That’s where we come in.

We’re all the above and everything in between. We’re True Specialists and Guaranteed to get you results to your web site and social media marketing.

Netphone Online, (Skybridge Domains Pty Ltd has partnered with a large number of tier 1 companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other leading vendor distributors of expertise to deliver your mission-critical message to the world.


You’ll be online before you know it.

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